Look at the video


Left, right, up, down, slower, faster, touch your face, turn your back, look at me, look away, open your mouth, close it, use your fingers, no both hands and don’t forget: you’re in a close up.

Look at the video, was screened at the Eye in Amsterdam for the Eye Researchlabs program. This piece was filmed with a night vision camera to convey a feeling of curiosity and voyeurism. It is not allowed to see what you see.

The dancer: Inna Kulazhenkova, inspired her own choreography. The subtitles were added later, creating a reversed choreography. Her movements had a seductive feel to them, almost if she was acting them out for someone else.

This was an aspect I wanted to emphasize. Since the theme of the program was related to nonlinear narratives, I wanted to disrupt the timeline. Where the subtitles are directing, there was a disruptive element needed as well.

That is where the other pair of hands come into play. They intrude the movements, making it physically harder for her to pose.

Changing the perspective from seduction to violation.